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An experienced and pragmatic manager compliance, compliance professional and Money Laundering Reporting Officer within the Financial Branch (Banking, Asset Management and Insurances) at organizational, tactical and strategic level;
More than 20 years of experience as Management Controller, Financial Planner and Certified Compliance Officer in various business sectors: Government, Hospital Branch and Financial Services.


Focus on the implementing of Management Information (reports), Governance, Business Processes, implementing of (Compliance) Policy and Frameworks;
He is a specialist in the suppressing of Financial Economic Criminality (money-laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption) and applying of International Sanctions), maintaining of contacts with Staff Elements, Global Functions. He was responsible for the overall Supervision from Group Functions, development of compliance awareness and training courses, reviewing of Compliance Policy, giving of Compliance Advice and training courses, participation in and directing of compliance projects with local and international focus. He also was the Contact person for internal and external supervisors, contact person of the Financial Intelligence Unit.


Romano is the co-founder of the business consultancy firm called Diaspora Consultancy Group (founded in july 2014). The services provide are governance and assurance. The coaching of start-ups and other entrepreneurs are also part of the business. He is also the co-founder of Synergium B.V.

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