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Mohamad El Saydali
Wasim Chalhawi
Mohamed Amin Zadran
Ahed Samkari

Target Group

Initially, we focus on refugees with legal residency, who have entered the “trajectory” after a thorough selection. The criteria that are used for this target group are:


  • The entrepreneur and the enterprise should be established in Breda or within a radius of 45 km.
  • The enterprise that should be started, should be deemed viable. The viability shall also depend on the knowledge and experience of the future entrepreneur and quality of his/her business plan.

All refugees with legal residency, men and women, full-time and part-time entrepreneurs may give themselves up. After they have given themselves up, an intake talk will follow. Those who meet the set criteria are selected and admitted to the trajectory.


Are you a referee with a legal status (status holder) and you want to become an entrepreneur, please click the buttom below to register.


What makes this concept so special?

The elements that make this concept so special are:


  • The three-phase model, namely the precare, the foundation phase and the aftercare;
  • (Completely) “taking away the worries” of the entrepreneurs;
  • The embedding of the parallel approach instead of the sequential approach. We therewith mean learning the language, following a training course or courses and finding work, read running a business. Everything at the same moment. There are three advantages: the language is learned quicker, the integration process is accelerated and the starter can financially become earlier independent and contribute therewith to the Dutch society.

Duration of the project

The total inflow period of the project will be dependent on the number of entrepreneurs. Every starter trajectory will take not more than 1 year per participant.

Content of the programme

The essence of this project is to actively guide candidate entrepreneurs by means of individual tailor-made and practical support, coaching and guidance to excellent entrepreneurship in collaboration with educational establishments, the business industry and governments. Based on our experience, we know that the combination of coaching before, during and after the start is of big importance for running a business in a lasting way. In this project, it is very important to consider the running of a business, education, the government and development.

After a thorough selection procedure and intake talks, the status holder flows into the New Dutch Citizens concept. The status holder will be appointed a coach and together with the coach a Plan of Approach will be drawn up that is aimed at the period for the founding of the starter company, the foundation phase and aftercare phase. The role of the coach and the starter, and the actions that will be set out, will be parts of the Plan of Approach: among other things the drawing up of a business plan and commercial support after the start.


Every starter’s trajectory is filled out by means of individual and collective support. Our way of working is characterized by a personal, interactive and practical approach. The entrepreneur should feel supported because of the fact that he can think along and also participate. Not everybody should be a (real) entrepreneur, but he/she should have affinity with running a business.


Our methodology is structured out of two tracks, namely:

  • Individual coaching trajectory/training trajectory;
  • Collective training courses/workshops.

This concept is unique because of the fact that “all worries are taken away” from the entrepreneur, so that he/she can only concentrate on running the business and that he/she can integrate and follow training courses and workshops at the same time.