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Grace Boldewijn (1963) was born in Paramaribo, Suriname. She is the founder of the engineering company called BoCari. BoCari has offices in Breda, Paramaribo and Curaçao. Also important as generate profits are ethical and corporate social responsibility.


As Business Women with Surinamese roots Grace Boldewijn would like to show entrepreneurs, living in the Netherlands on the infinite business possibilities in other countries. Grace calls for a strong knowledge exchange between Public and Private Partnership. With her knowledge and experience she is a Role model for entrepreneurs and migrants. Transfer of knowledge is one of her basic rules.


In 2002/ 2003 Grace Boldewijn was awarded European Black Business Woman of the year. That was for her decisive to coach and advise companies/government and entrepreneurs . After winning the title, she is frequently asked to lecture. By the positive response and incoming requests she decided to strengthen her position of successful Black businesswoman in order to:
Stimulate other organizations to put more skilled and powerful women in top positions. With lectures, coaching sessions and free publicity she is well known within Suriname and Netherland
Enterprising people and to encourage and inspire students to undertake.
Create Networks Organizations for Surinamese people in the diaspora.


In addition to her busy work as CEO/shareholder she also coaches entrepreneurs in Netherlands and in Suriname.


Founder of:
1998 BoCari Holding/ BoCari International
2002 BoCari Engineering & Consultancy Suriname
2004 Suriname Entrepreneurs Platform
2004 Foundation MilieuTec GB
2009 BoCari Engineering & Consultancy Curaçao
2009 Suriname Capital Investment Funds
2016 The First Step TO

Grace has held many different board functions. Please find below an overview:

  • Project Manager Process Control and Process Safety for the international EPC Company CB&I. CB & I is the mark leader in engineering project for Oil and Gas, refinery, Energy, Bio base etc. CB&I is active in the following counties Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Suriname, Russia etc.
  • Board of Director Suriname Capital Investment Fund
  • Board member/ Curatorium Board of Centrum de Baak. De Baak is part of VNO/NCW.
  • Board Member Brabant and Zeeland employers Association (BZW), Grace was responsible for labour force participation and education portfolio. The BZW has 750 members.
  • Supervisory Board member of ASN _Novib Microfinance Fund. Grace Boldewijn is approved by the authorities guarding the financial markets (AFM).
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the network organization called Enterprise Ambassadors Network Suriname. Location are in the Netherlands and Suriname.
  • Member of the National Registry for Board of RvC
  • Member of Speakers Academy

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